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Rainscreen over foam and concrete

user-7022518 | Posted in General Questions on

We are using rockwool comfortboard with 1×4 wood furring attached with Headlok screws over the framed part of the house, however we are also using recycled polyiso over the two above grade poured concrete (shorter walls) and would like the wood siding to continue seamlessly around the house. I have been looking at options for metal rainscreen furring for those portions of the walls that are concrete and foam. My assumption was that metal was more compatible with the foam and concrete and the tapcon concrete screws.  However,  Furring Master is unable to supply the small quantity I need and the Knightwall system is pretty expensive. I am open to any and all solutions.


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  1. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #1


    I don't think there is any advantage to metal over wood as battens. It also precludes simply nailing the wood siding afterwards.

  2. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #2

    Hi Lisa,

    I agree with Malcolm. There is no need to switch to metal. I have seen many builder in just this situation carry the wood furring down beyond the famed walls and over the concrete foundation. You should make sure that your concrete fasteners are adequate for this application though.

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