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Rainwater and metal duct wrap — repair or replace?

rbdbdr | Posted in General Questions on

I didn’t see a similar thread, so I figure I’d ask: I have a multi-story house under construction in zone 4A. It uses metal ductwork. Due to truss limitations and the fact that maneuvering metal ductwork can be trickier than flex, much of the ductwork was run early (shortly after the trusses went in).

Unfortunately, there was a section of the house where there was no roof sheathing and in that section there were a few spots along the ductwork where rainwater got in and dripped out the bottom of the duct wrap insulation. The HVAC contractor had cut the duct wrap in a few areas to facilitate water drainage, but I am wondering if that duct insulation can just be safely taped back up, or if I should be looking to have them take it off (at least in the problem areas) and put new insulation on.

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  1. Jamie B | | #1

    Taping it back is fine. I assume it's a plastic wrap. Use tuck tape or sheathing tape.

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