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Insulating Around Gas Tank Vent in Attic

Lindaloowho | Posted in General Questions on

I just want to be sure of something: I asked a question last week about insulation around the  gas tank vent penetrating ceiling and roof deck  in the area in which the baffle would sit.

I sealed off the venting in this bay, but now I must surround the vent with Roxul (fire-rated material) because foam can’t be used within several inches of vent.  The Roxul will have contact with the roof deck because the foam baffle to protect the roof deck can’t be used. I just wanted to be sure this was okay, as it seems that Roxul is not recommended to have contact with concrete or wood in crawl space applications.

in Southern Ontario
in a Vented Unfinished Attic

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  1. Lindaloowho | | #1

    Please Ignore This Question.
    I cannot delete it.

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