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Re-coating a previously coated Elastomeric Roof Coat on Flat Roof

vmax71 | Posted in General Questions on

Good Evening:

My name is Victor.  We purchased a mid century modern home with a flat roof that the previous owner (who told us) coated in its entirety with elastomeric acrylic coating.
It is showing signs of wear in areas and I want to re-coat before the winter rains.

I would much rather prefer to re-coat with silicone but I have researched everywhere but couldn’t find a resource confirming whether a silicone re-coat will adhere to previously applied acrylic elastomeric coat.

I am hoping someone from this great site would be able to answer  my question?

Can you re-coat a previously coated acrylic elastomeric flat roof with silicone?

thank you in advance for your reply.

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  1. kbentley57 | | #1

    Hi Victor,

    I'm not a roofing expert, but Henry has a tech bulletin that probably arose from these type of questions. It's probably cheap enough to buy a gallon and test on your own roof to be sure. I'd give their tech support line a call, they'd be able to tell you quickly.

    [email protected]

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