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Insulating a Metal Roof

PaaDitOrd | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Our roof is no longer fixable, neither is my husband who served in the military and is diagnosed with leukemia from contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune NC. and that puts us in a bind, we need a new roof now.   This home was supposed to be temporary shelter while we built a new home.  Sometimes in life things don’t work out as planned.  The original roof is that pliable metal with numerous coats of sealing and reflective products over the years.   We are in a microclimate zone 5, 65 mph winds, flat line winds, elevation about 2800′ in the dolomite valleys/mtns. of VA.  Temp. accompanied by high winds temperature drops to  -20 below frequently and can be extended in duration into April.  Everyone ’round here’ wants to install metal.  But what to put under the tin to stop heat transfer and add R value?  A product on line Insulation 4Less claims their Prodex Total 10M Plus R22 will deliver.  I read an old post 2014 on your site about the single and dbl bubble claims.  Insulation 4Less also claims their Prodex 10:  stops condensation and mold so could/should be used in walls etc.  Can anyone guide us, we are exhausted, short on time (lit) and trying to make this place as comfortable and LOL energy efficient as possible, we have one room stripped of insulation, and the plan is to donate this as living quarters to someone if possible that needs a home in the future, so we want to do it right.  The same question for under engineered wood flooring and tile to go down.  I found @ $250 per roll 1,00 sq. at the metal place a reflective sheet.  So cost between the two is comparable.  For now we are stuck, but the beautiful long range mtn. and pastoral views take our mind off the rest : – )!     Prodex Total 10M Insulation (

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