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Reclaimed wood siding on a metal building?

GBA Editor | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does anyone have any advice on attaching reclaimed wood siding (reverse board and batten) on a warehouse style metal building? The solution must be economical and perform well.

Thank You,

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  1. Christopher Briley | | #1

    Large roof overhangs: Keep the water shed off that wood.
    Keep the wood off the ground: do not let the wood rest on the ground or directly on concrete.
    Use spacers between the boards an purlins such as washers or a homeslicker material: you don't want water that makes it throughthe seams to pond on any horrizontal surface.
    Use cedar, cypus, redwood, or hackmatac: a little joke on my part.

    All of the above presupposes an uninsulated structure, yes?

  2. Tyler | | #2

    Thank you for the reply. No, the building must perform 30% better than IECC 2006. It indicates R-13 squished over the purlins + R-13 in the cavity. I'd like to use thermal blocks on the purlins as well. Then attach osb sheathing, an air barrier, vertical batten followed by the vertical boards. Does this sound logical?

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    I'm not sure that two layers of R-13 fiberglass, one of which has been partially squished, will provide you the performance you hope for. In any case, strive for a high degree of airtightness.

  4. Riversong | | #4


    Where is this building, what climate zone? I assume this is a renovation project and not a decision to build a metal building and then improve it.

    What is the foundation/floor and how is that insulated? What is the roof structure (trusses?) and how to you plan to insulate that?

    How will the building be heated, cooled? Will it be ventilated?

  5. Reclaimed Wood | | #5

    You may be able to find more information from a site specializing in Reclaimed Wood I think Tyler posed some relevant questions though. There are many factors involved including the specific wood you will be using.

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