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Recommendation for wood double-pane windows?

switters | Posted in Interior Design on

We recently noticed moisture intrusion under a window in our house. I had a mold inspection company do further testing, and eventually we determined that the window was leaking and there is mold inside of the wall there. The house was build in the 1920s and the windows are old single-hung wood.

The restoration company I hired is booked up for a couple of weeks. They suggested that I could expedite the process if I find/order the window that I want as a replacement. I don’t know much about windows but I would like to move this process forward as quickly as possible given the weather forecast for this month/winter.

I started to do some research but it was a little overwhelming. If someone can make a recommendation for a wood single-hung double-pane window (4×4) I would really appreciate it!

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  1. humm9er | | #1

    Marvin's windows are hard to beat.

  2. switters | | #2

    Thanks Justin! I found a local dealer that carries them.

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