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Recommendations for concrete sealer?

lizaskew | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Our contractor is recommending Clementone Clear Sealer for our new basement slab, which will be frequently used living space. The MSDS lists ethoxylated acetylenic diols, and the regulatory info says it contains substances listed under Title III of the Superfund Act and Prop 65. What less-toxic alternatives would be appropriate for this residential use? We will be moving in with a 1-year- but intend to add a large dog. The uses include mud room and playroom as well as laundry and guest quarters. The concrete has a black tint but otherwise as yet unsealed.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You can find several concrete sealers listed in GBA's Green Products Guide:

    Armor S2000 Concrete Sealer

    Elite-HS Concrete Sealer

    Creto Sealers

    Vapor-Green FC

  2. Expert Member

    Elizabeth, I don't want to downplay your concerns but it is important to distinguish between products that may off-gass potentially harmful substances during installation and those that emit them over time while you are living among them. Many concrete sealers used to be Xylene based - a really horrific solvent that was awful to work with, but dissipated quite quickly and provided a very durable covering. You may want to look at the products you are thinking of with that in mind.

  3. brp_nh | | #3

    We've been using products from Eco Safety Products for our concrete floor. I'm sure you could give them a call for advice and here is a Sealers - Finishes Selection Guide (PDF).

    We are doing this ourselves, I would imagine your contractor would be skeptical of a product they haven't used, so this may not be an option in your case.

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