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Recommendations on high quality tapes for windows and around pipes

wiscoguy | Posted in General Questions on

So I haven’t really used Huebers tapes ever but I like the look of there stretch tapes as well as pro clima exoseal tapes as well. Just looking for some recommendations on high quality tapes that everyone has used before on windows and doors. Also hoping to hear about some of the stretchy tapes I could see where these are highly beneficial around pipes and some other area I’d like to tape. 

Appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks, Tom 

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  1. wiscoguy | | #1

    Can anyone help me out looking for a stretchy tape that works well and a regular window tape just checking to see if there’s a preference amongst the pros. Using for windows and any outside protrusions.

  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    I use 3M flashing tapes for flat things. I don't use tape for pipes, because it's difficult to get it to go around things. I use either polyurethane caulk (for small gaps) or canned foam (for large gaps). I use regular ol' Great Stuff for normal things that I don't expect to have much force applied, and I use Loctite's Tite Foam for things that I deem more critical.

    Things I "deem more critical" are things where the foam is also the support for the thing. This means things like foam blocks in rim joists, and sometimes conduits or pipes that I think might move around a bit with thermal cycles or something like that. I use Great Stuff for normal window and pipe penetrations in sill and top plates, and for most cut'n'cobble work.


  3. PAUL KUENN | | #3

    All of the products 475 sells are excellent. The Tescon tape can get around tight corners with few wrinkles and I love the pre folded tapes for windows. PK

    1. wiscoguy | | #5

      Yea I’m going with a mix of 3m tapes suggested a roll or two of 475 tape for certain areas and I always have caulk and foam on hand.

  4. kyle_r | | #4

    For pipes I would consider liquid flashing

    1. wiscoguy | | #6

      The only liquid flash I’m aware of is like zips system but for that matter Coukdnt I caulk with polyurethane and spread it to I would think.

      1. kyle_r | | #8

        Prosoco, Henry, polywall all also make liquid flashing. Whether polyurethane caulk would work depends on how big of a gap you are trying to fill. Hammer and Hand has a free online handbook of their best practices, i would check it out.

  5. Expert Member


    For around pipes I like to use a peel and stick membrane. Something like this:

  6. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #9

    Pro Clima Tescon Vana, Siga Wigluv or Fentrim, 3M All-Weather Flashing Tape or Fast Flash tape are all sticky and stretchy. Vana and Fentrim have the added benefit of being vapor permeable.

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