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UltimateAir Recoupaerator Parts

drewman141 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I hope this is a good place to put this, there are not too many places something like this would get attention. After 7 years without issue, my UltimateAir Recoupaerator 200DX just quit on me. The core stopped spinning. Rather than trying to mess with it, I have decommissioned the unit and will hold on to it for a couple of weeks if someone would like parts from it (or the whole thing) before it heads to the dump. I’m comfortable dismantling it if you only want pieces. I also have a full set of new in-the-box filter pies available. I’m located in Yorktown Heights, NY, and can ship if you want. I’ll update this thread when it’s all gone.

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  1. DennisWood | | #1

    I would take that unit if closer to's a very nicely designed product. I was surprised to see that it has 0-10V control built in and 3 x ECM motors. It must have been a significant investment new.

    1. drewman141 | | #2

      I bought it July 2015 for $2,400 and it was highly regarded. It's a shame they went out of business and I didn't get at least 10 years out of it.

  2. DennisWood | | #3

    I would pull the wheel motor and see if you can source a replacement....that' s likely all that it needs.

    Just curious. What did you replace it with?

    1. drewman141 | | #4

      Yeah, I just didn't want to bother with it, lack of time and patience. This house is so tight we cannot survive without one so I already installed a replacement ERV. Went with a Fantech ATMO 200E that I got a crazy black Friday deal on. After 3 weeks without it, you can really feel and smell how much of a difference it makes!

      1. pt1 | | #5

        The fantech only shows two duct connectors. The ultimateair 200DX has four duct connectors. How what did you do with the extra ducts that are no longer connected to the erv.

        1. drewman141 | | #9

          There are 4 connectors, just like any other ERV/HRV. You have 2 connectors going to the exterior (fresh/stale) and 2 going to the interior (fresh/stale).

  3. mjhil | | #6

    Do you still have the unit? I'm interested in parts if not the whole thing.

    1. pt1 | | #7

      Yes, I still have the unit. The wheel spins at full speed and does not respond to the ventilation control. I think it has a bad circuit board. It was purchased in 2019 and is still under warranty. I live in Effingham, Illinois.
      email is [email protected]

    2. drewman141 | | #8

      Yes, I still have it and the filter pies. I am the OP on this thread. Not sure why I didn't get a notification.

      1. mjhil | | #10

        Thanks for the reply. I'm looking to keep my parent's (roughly 8 years old) and a hopefully a family members (6 yrs or so) going for as long as we can. My contact is:

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