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Recycled foam board

KevinKeegan | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Where can I purchase recycled foam board in Westchester County NY. I found the place in Buffalo NY ReUse Action, but they do not deliver to my area and also appear to be out of it at this time. 
Thank you

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  1. Expert Member
    Zephyr7 | | #1

    A lot of the reclaimers are low on inventory right now. I think that's partially due to builders having a more difficult time sourcing materials in general these days. All the factory seconds and reclaimed materials are in more demand since new material is often unobtanium.

    A good place to look for local insulation sources is Craig's List as many of the smaller reclaimers advertise there.


    1. KevinKeegan | | #2

      Great, I give that a try. Thank you, Kevin

  2. Paul Kuenn | | #3

    I call around to industrial roofers. In WI they end up with warehouses full and can't sell it fast enough. Usually 14 cents/sq ft.

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