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Refrigerators and Dual Fuel Range

Holly Austin | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a new refrigerator- we are looking at Liebherr due to their BioFresh drawers, environmental commitment and looks but want to check on durability and actual usability.
We are also trying to pick out a nice looking dual fuel range and are looking at ILVE and Bertazzoni mainly. We have heard Fratelli has cut some corners to keep their price point down. Any thoughts?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Dual-fuel range: wood and gas or electric and gas?

  2. Holly Austin | | #2

    Sorry, gas top and electric oven

  3. markobmf | | #3

    Start with the energy star listing. Of these, including the Liebherr and even sub-zeros, the difference in energy use isn't great enough to have anything but utility and style be the deciding factor. When I evaluated refrigeration I spent a lot of time opening and closing drawers, doors, compartments, imagining the types of things I would store in order to make the right decision. I also wanted to go the dual fuel route but was unable to find exactly what I wanted so I put a modular system together by Miele (combisets) so that I had the burners perfect for my cooking (wok/2 burner/grill). They have induction modules which are particularly "green" which you can pair with a gas module. Underneath go the ovens which also have modular sizing. This used a full 48" but if you choose only 2 cooktop modules you can do it in 36". Gaggenau has a similar setup. Unfortunately, this way is very expensive but if you're a home chef, you get exactly what you need, If not just go to good appliance dealers that have a big selection and play with everything. All the high end brands have a dual fuel offering and it's all about the utility you derive from them that should guide you in making your choice. I found them all to be so variable in features and ergonomics.

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