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Remove construction adhesive

Bbrown3381 | Posted in General Questions on

Concrete block house exterior redo. The old system went……do you believe this……block, 1×4 spacers, 1″ foil faced ridgid foam, t 1-11. Well, the t 1-11 rotted big time. Got it striped down to the
CMU walls. Plan to. Use the removed treated 1×4 as spacers over ridged foam on the new system. Problem is, the spacers all gave a squiggle of adhesive on one side. So, do you think I can place the bad side against the ridged foam face and just “seat” the protrusions into the foam and achieve a straight face…or do you. Think I need to remove the adhesive. If removal is necessary any ideas on how to do a bulk removal. Could run it thru my sander, or ,planer or on edge thru the table saw. Not real keen on these methods but tried scrapping with a sharp edge and the time factor was pretty high.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You can dull your power tools with this task if you want, and eat up a few hours. But most builders would buy new 1x4s, because 1x4s are fairly cheap.

  2. Bbrown3381 | | #2

    Thanks....that was my first choice...just seeing if I can do done recycling.

  3. Expert Member

    If you are dead-set on recycling the boards, I'd use your plane. Change the blades out for an old or cheap set first though. The adhesive will ruin them.

  4. bdrfab | | #4

    Personally I'd try to remove it with a sonic saw and scraper blade first.

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