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Replace/Renew Old Insulation With Stucco Exterior

Forkandnife | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

New to this page! Was recommended here by a friend who got some really nice advice from you guys!

Here’s what I have (see pictures). House built in 1959 near the twin cities area in Minnesota. Stucco exterior with brick around the lower half of the exterior.

I am remodeling my kitchen and want to upgrade the insulation from what it currently is. From what I can tell, there is an old insulation product wrapped around the outside of the stud wall around the entire house. I have only the kitchen section exposed and only plan on working on this section as of now. The insulation product seems to act as a moisture barrier as well as have about 1/4″ thick of a fiberglass material (not sure), then a tar paper material. Then whatever the builders used to make the stucco/ brick wall.

I am wondering what would be the best type of insulation to upgrade to, in order to best preserve the integrity of the house. I am afraid if I mess with the current setup that I may cause molding to the studs or damage the stucco due to improper drying of the walls. Will something as simple as “rip out the old stuff and spray foam it” work here? Hope someone has an idea here! 🙂

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