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Request for Heat Pump Electrical Usage Data

jalem | Posted in General Questions on

For those of you who use mini split heat pumps as your primary heat source I would love to know how many Kwh you typically use in a winter month, as well as what model you use/home size and what heating zone you are in.

I’m trying to get as much data as possible before I make a decision on what I should purchase.

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Richard_L | | #1

    I have a Fujitsu 18RLFCD in a house with the following details (also have a 12RLFCD for upstairs, but we didn't really use it for heat last year):

    -1900 sq ft house; 1100 main level, 800 2nd level, and a crawlspace
    -Zone 4c (PNW)
    -99% design temp is 27F
    -Early '80s construction
    -Treed lot, so not a ton of solar gain in the winter.
    -Ducts in sealed + heated crawlspace
    -Indoor temperature kept at 70-71, upstairs slightly cooler
    -Other than 2-3 fires in the woodstove, heat pump provided 100% of the heat all winter

    I've done a fair bit of air sealing work, but up until this summer, it was basically all original insulation and windows (I've upgraded the attic insulation since last winter, but the usage below is with pretty spotty batt insulation in the attic).

    I ran it from the start of October to the end of April and used about 4200 kW/hrs in that time for heat, based on comparing the usage to several prior years with 100% wood heat and no other notable changes that would impact electrical usage. For context, the Heating Degree Days for that period at a weather station near my house were about 4350.

    1. jalem | | #2

      Thanks for sharing. I appreciate all the detail. I'm looking at installing solar and heat pumps. Trying to figure out the size of the two systems to get the best bang for my buck is challenging.

  2. paul_wiedefeld | | #3

    I installed the Mitsubishi SVZ-KP24NA & SUZ-KA24NAHZ in climate zone 4 with a heat loss of 17k Btu at 17 degrees. The HDD (using 60 degrees) are about 3400/year. The house is from 1900s with zero insulation, but it is a rowhouse.

    Before the heat pump, the furnace used .11 therms/HDD. After heat pump, about .74kwh/HDD.
    That implies an annual COP of about 3.5.

    1. jalem | | #4

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. tobym | | #5

    I have a Fujitsu 15RLS3YH (first floor) and 12RLFFH (2nd floor)

    * 2500sq ft; slab-on-grade 2-story; 1250sqft per floor
    * Zone 6 (South Dakota)
    * 99% design temp @ -11F
    * new construction, build in 2020
    * ACH50 <1
    * heat load 18K-20K btu (BeOpt was lower then ManualJ)
    * indoor temp ~ 70-72
    * around 7000HDD (65F)

    We used 4320kwh Oct - April which includes a few hours use of a 7.5kwh garage heater and wall mounted Stiebel-Eltron convection heaters in each of the 4 bedrooms

    Comes out at around .62kwh/HDD

  4. _jt | | #6

    2000 ft2 on the first level in western NJ (1919 house). Two heat pumps on opposite sides of the floor. Attached is a screenshot for one of the two - but they are both about the same. Midea +/-19 SEER ductless. (MrCool/Pioneer branded, HSPF=10. Peak is 1200kwh per 1000 ft2!

    The average is around 400 kwh/month for heating and cooling.

  5. Trevor_Lambert | | #7

    Fujitsu 9RLS3H (first floor) and 9k Senville slim duct on second floor

    2500sq ft; slab-on-grade 2-story
    Zone 6 London, Ontario
    99% design temp 0F
    new construction, finished in 2018
    0.22 ACH50
    heat load ~10k
    indoor temp 72
    around 6500HDD going by memory

    We used 1400kwh Oct - April. Some of that time was cooling instead of heating. Probably not enough to worry about.

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