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Repairing Stone Steps

PLIERS | Posted in General Questions on

Hey hope everyone is doing well. I have old front steps what I would like to restore. It has some chipped area and seems to be discolored. I thought for a moment to repair chips and paint it somehow but I don’t think you can paint stone well. I was thinking of just overlaying it with thin pavers and adding thin stone veneer on risers. Any suggestions on easiest solution? Has anyone done this before, Picture attached.

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  1. Expert Member
    PETER Engle | | #1

    Not sure why you want to restore and/or paint it. That stone is in perfectly serviceable condition. The discoloration is simply dirt/mold that can be cleaned with detergents in most cases. If detergent and a brush doesn't do it, then try a powerwasher.

    It does look like the stucco on the risers is coming apart and the mortar joints need repointing. That's relatively easy work for a mason to repair. The repairs are more cosmetic than anything, but open mortar joints do allow for water to freeze in there and slowly jack the stones loose.

    Adding a layer to treads and risers changes the geometry of the steps and may make them unsafe. Risers shouldn't differ in height by more than 3/8", including the first and last step.

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