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Wall Assembly for Envelope Retrofit

LittlePisgah | Posted in General Questions on

I have a home with plastic between the drywall and studs. Currently, I have no wrap between siding and chipboard sheathing. I will be replacing my cedar siding with hardieplank. My question is: should I place house wrap between the sheathing and siding. I would then have (inside to outside) drywall, studs & insulation, sheathing, wrap, and siding. With this system is there concern with moisture building up between the plastic and the wrap (ie, studs and insulation). Zone 5.

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  1. the74impala | | #1

    Tyvek, for example, is vapor open. It is waterproof, but will let vapor escape. You will not make a sandwich with it. It might be a good time to do some serious air sealing when you have your siding off. You could work on taping all the seams and around all the openings. Pretty big project.

    1. LittlePisgah | | #2

      Thanks Tom. Yes, we thought we would tape as you suggest especially since we experience high winds in the winter.

      1. the74impala | | #3

        Don't go cheap on the tape. Look at or Siga for tape.

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