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Reusing a Concrete Footing After A Fire

moose_head27 | Posted in General Questions on

Hello, just curious to know if  concrete footings can be reused after a house fire? The home wasn’t old( 5 years)? From what I was told the fire started on the main level and caused damage to the roof framing, along with smoke/water damage to the main level. The owners decided to scrap it at all and start new but would like to reuse the footing. The foundation wall was PWF.

I noticed some minor chipping to the footing edges upon observation but the footings still looked solid with no cracks. Are there any implications in reusing the footing?

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  1. severaltypesofnerd | | #1

    Probably the biggest issue is the constraints placed on the new home.
    It does not sound like much heat reached the foundation, else there could
    be problems, including melting any vapor barrier below:

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