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Rim Joist Insulating and Wall Bracing

aldoleopold42 | Posted in General Questions on

I just got done insulating a long section of rim joist in my basement, parallel to the floor joist. I sprayed the gaps with canned spray foam. My plan was to attach 2x bracing to the side of the last floor joist and to the sill plate every two feet so I would have a way to attach the top plate of my wall. However, after installing 2” rigid, there is only about a half inch of sill plate exposed. Is this enough to rest the 2x bracing on or should I only use one 1” rigid here? Thanks!

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    You can also notch the 2” foam to fit around your blocking, then seal around it with canned foam. That’s what I would do. You’re usually supposed to have at least an inch and a half of bearing surface, and ideally more. You won’t have a lot of load in your application though, so I’d try for enough to get nails in without splitting the ends of the 2x4s.


    1. aldoleopold42 | | #2

      Thank you!

  2. Expert Member


    The bearing isn't important. As Bill said what's going difficult is attachment. I'd pre-drill angled holes on the top of the blocking and use screws to connect them to the plates.

    1. aldoleopold42 | | #4

      Thank you...will do!

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