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Rim Joist Insulation

ab1989 | Posted in General Questions on

first I would like to thank the members for this valuable site, I have learned a lot here.
– My question is referring to the rim joist area between 1st floor and 2nd floor.
– I am in zone 6
– Just completed framing and I have installed 3″ comfortboard on the exterior. 
– I do not have any hangers in this area so no significant metal that would get cold.
– Everything I have read regarding rim joist says to spray foam.but i think this advice is more so for renovation or houses with no exterior insulation.
– My question is; would using R24 rockwool within the cavity of the rim joist be enough or is there a reason why I should not. As I am trying to avoid using any spray foam in the living areas of the house.

thank you

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  1. bongo30 | | #1

    I’m doing exactly what you were doing. We are in Zone 4.;We have 1.25” exterior mineral wool on the outside and I do not want to do the spray foam on my rim joists. What did you end up doing? Thanks.

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