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Roof coatings: acrylic vs silicone

Andrew808 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on


I am trying to understand the Pro/Con of Acrylic vs Silicone coatings.

Location: Hawaii (warm all year, very high UV, no heating)

Home: Single story 1960’s shallow pitch (2:12) with very low slope enclosed patio (but water does run off — not completely flat – no ponding). No air conditioning (yet).

Roof: ¾” Plywood + 2-ply Bitumen

PROBLEM: Home is HOT due to no insulation over high open beam ceilings


  1. Reflectivity to cool home (hoping for 10 degrees)

  2. Durability

  3. Affordability

I hear rumblings about the need to recoat after some period of time

I have also heard aobut dirt and dust sticking/attracted to some coatings more than others which leads to algae growth/accumulation of debris that reduces reflectivity.

Commonly used products I have seen – 

  • Lots of GACO silicone

  • Some APOC silicone

  • Henry’s silicone

Any favorite products out there, and why?


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  1. Colin63 | | #1

    Do you have a torch applied asphalt roof ,epdm rubbber or TPO?

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