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Roof Detail no/minimal soffit?

ardesign | Posted in General Questions on

Hi! Architect in Michigan (Zone 5), I’m designing a new residential construction for a client and they keep showing me photos like the attached where it looks like a minimum eave / rake and almost no soffit. I’ve been searching the detail library and I’m not sure I can find what detail would match the attached photo. I’m not clear how to get a vented attic without a soffit? There must be a detail handy because I see many homes like this but I’m not sure how to replicate it. 

Thanks for the help! Transitioning into Residential construction…

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  1. Expert Member


    With a minimal overhang the venting can be a simple as a gap between the fascia and the wall behind. With none the choices get a bit more involved. You can use vents designed to be installed under the first few courses of shingles or if your code allows it, and the clear area is sufficient, connect the rain-screen wall cavity with the roof above.

    It's not something I have given much thought to as building in the PNW the reasonable choices are not whether to have overhangs, but how deep they should be. Hopefully others will have some useful advice.

  2. matthew25 | | #2

    Given the roof dormers in that picture my bet is it’s a conditioned attic and therefore does not need soffit vents. Is that an option?

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