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roof exhaust replacement NYC

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

Was looking to replace the following roof kitchen exhuast outlet we have in our roof. Would this help in terms of etracting the kitchen cooking more and not have such a large gap opening? Wasnt sure if this could be used for kitchen exhaust as I dont want to have to run electrical up to the roof and have some type of electric exhaust fan. 

Attached a photo of the 2 metal vents we have in the roof. 

Thank you!

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  1. DennisWood | | #1

    You had posted about this system already with multiple units correct? It also looks to be OK for multiple apartment units in NY to use a single exhaust port for kitchen exhaust?

    I don't think messing with the vent cap will make any difference at all. Ensuring that each unit has a working (and effective) back draft damper on each kitchen exhaust would be a good place to start. If the issue of cooking smells making their way from one unit to the next persists, I'd be looking at a way to increase negative pressure at the building termination via automation, pressure sensing etc. The other option is using an inline metal case fan (or whatever is code approved there) running continuously at the roof vent to keep negative pressure on the system.

    In any case, it's a bit risky for anyone to recommend solutions here as applicable code and fire safety loom large with your question. Commercial rules here are a lot different when it comes to multiple family dwellings and fire code becomes much more restrictive for this application.

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