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Roof nailing for wind loads at overhangs

AdamPNW | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Hi all, my engineer has given me a choice between two different nailing schedules to accommodate the wind load at roof overhangs. 

1. Ring-shank nails 6” o.c. Perimeter and boundary (within 4’ of overhangs and ridge), with intermediate nailing using 8d nails 12” o.c.
2. 8d nails 6” o.c. everywhere. 

Just curious if there is a big difference in cost, time, or hassle (changing nailguns, etc). 


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  1. Expert Member


    I can only speak to personal preference. I'd rather use one type of nail and one spacing - and I've never liked 12"oc nailing, because a missed or half missed nail means no fastener for two feet.

    Here in seismic-land more aggressive nailing schedules are now the norm. We have a lot at 2" or 3" oc. 6" is usually the maximum spacing on a job. You really notice the difference in stiffness.

    1. AdamPNW | | #2

      Thanks Malcolm, that helps a lot. I’ll stick with the one nail/one spacing

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