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Roofer Needed in Chicago

mgcobrien | Posted in General Questions on

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a reputable roofer in the Chicago area that is familiar with installing unvented roofs?

I have gotten a few quotes to re-roof my house and all of them include installing ridge venting even though the entire underside of the roof deck is sealed with closed cell spray foam after a recent renovation…

I’ve tried the PHIUS list of certified builders but they seem to be more focused on commercial building in Illinois.

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  1. Expert Member


    It isn't important that the roofer understands building science or how your roof is vented as long as you tell them you don't need the vents. What you want is someone skilled at installing that critical final layer. Who knows how the drip-edge, any flashings, and penetrations are installed. There must be literally be hundreds of those in Chicago. Supply them with a written specification so there are no misunderstandings and you get what you want done.

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