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Roxul R-value misprint?

ddubx6 | Posted in General Questions on

I bought 24 bags of 7.25″ Roxul. The bag says R-30, but some of the Roxul had R-14 printed on one side.

It all measured the same thickness. Was this a misprint? Has anyone seen this before?

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  1. HarrisDwight | | #1

    I haven't used it before, but at R4/inch I'd say if it's the full thickness/weight, you're fine. Is the printing on one half of the side? could be two R14's put together into R28.

  2. user-884554 | | #2

    I work for an insulation manufacturing company. While this does not occur frequently, it does occasionally pop up. Typically someone simply forgot to change the printing head from the product run previously. If all the batts measure to the stated 7.25" thickness, then you have your R-30 product.

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