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Roxul vs. Thermafiber?

Edward Krause | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Anyone know if there a significant difference in quality and/or price between Roxul batts and Thermafiber batts?

I’ve ordered Roxul Comfortboard (for the exterior of the house) which is being shipped from Ontario to western Wisconsin. I now see it MIGHT be more convenient to source Thermafiber batts (for the interior) in this part of the country.


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  1. William Heiden | | #1

    Recently I ran short on Roxul Comfotbatts and needed only 1 bag to finish my project. The box store that carries Thermafiber is much closer so I decided to go and get that instead. In my opinion it was a big mistake.

    Comfortbatt doesn't irritate my lungs when working with it Thermafiber had me coughing in no time. I know I should wear a mask with either probably.

    The density of the two is totally different and the Thermafiber was much harder to get to fit the openings. With the Roxul you can cut it slightly larger and it will pressure fit into place. The Thermafiber doesn't want to compress to fit openings so you need to be extra critical of your cutting.

    Also Thermafiber was causing me to itch. I don't know why but Roxul doesn't have those problems for me.

    I am also in WI and at least where I am the Roxul at the big blue box store is cheaper then the Thermafiber from the green "M" store.

    I have also used Roxul comfortboard and had to special order that from a local lumber yard. Comfortboard seems more similar to Thermafiber all around. Maybe it all relates to the density of the product.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Robert Kohaus | | #2

    I'm in central Illinois. Had the same thought about Thermafiber versus Roxul (as far as transportation efficiency). After pricing and comparing the two.....I came to the overwhelming conclusion that the Roxul was not only cheaper but just seemed to be a bit easier to work with. Not to the same extent as William Heiden (no coughing, itching, etc).

    Get bids from some different suppliers and see who has the best price and ask others to match or beat. I got my Roxul for about 25% off full retail.

  3. Edward Krause | | #3

    Thanks for the feedback, William and Robert -- sounds like it will save me some installation headaches and itchiness!

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