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Rubber roof in winter — help with installation

user-2423385 | Posted in General Questions on

Ok..I have a deck over conditioned space on my project. I was hoping for a warm enough day to install the roof but we haven’t had the weather break and I fear it won’t happen until spring. The roof is 1/12 and 3/4″ plywood and all new and there is a roof above the deck that is currently supported by long 2×4’s to the earth. Do you think a tarp over the structure while setting the posts on top of the tarp to support the roof will make it through the winter? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The answer depends on where you live. If you live in a dry climate where there is almost no precipitation during the winter, you'll probably be fine. If you live in a damp climate with rain and snow, you will have water indoors.

    It's probably time to call up a roofing contractor who has experience installing roofing in cold temperatures.

  2. user-1119462 | | #2

    I think I would worry about wind as much as rain in these circumstances. Will the roof be held down adequately if you get a proper storm? We had one get lifted up just enough locally, to come off the temporary supports like yours, and the subsequent collapse was spectacular.

    Regards, Tony.

  3. user-2423385 | | #3

    I'm in's not a large roof (6x14) and it would take quite a bit to upheave it...that said I'm going to call a contractor tomorrow to get their advice as well. I was thinking of two tarps hanging a few feet below the edges and attached well...running up the wall line under the roof area as well. I don't plan on finishing the room below it completely until spring so if it got a little wet it wouldn't be a big deal as there would be no drywall and it would have an opportunity to dry out.

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