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Running Minisplit Line Set Through Basement: Logistics and Noise/Vibration Mitigation

jenniferz5 | Posted in General Questions on

One of my MRCOOL ductless mini split line sets runs straight through the basement and back out the other side of the house to the condenser.  The run through the basement is approximately 60 feet, involving three 25′ line sets. 

My thought is to place the line set into the rounded part of the lineguard (it would normally go on the outside) within 3″ plastic J hook pipe hangers attached along the ceiling of my basement and crawlspace.  This would give the line set support while still allowing me access to the line set, right? Will there be vibration along the line?  Is there something I could use (a rubber mat cut to fit the area below the line set?) to minimize this? Is this a good plan, or has someone done this in a better way?  My wonderful local hardware guy suggested PVC drain pipe, but I want to be able to access the line set (and I already have plenty of leftover lineguard).

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  1. Jon_Harrod | | #1

    Hi Jennifer,

    In my experience, vibration from the line sets is never an issue. In minisplits, both the larger and the smaller copper lines are usually covered in 1/2" thick foam insulation, which prevents condensation but also keeps them from rattling against each other. When I'm running linesets across a basement or crawlspace ceiling, I usually leave them exposed and support them with 2-hole pipe straps screwed directly to the floor joists. Line guards can be used, but they aren't designed to bear much weight in a horizontal application, so support at intervals of 32"-48" would be required. Line guards can also add considerable expense; I tend to use them only outside the house and (rarely) when I need to route linesets through finished space.

    1. jenniferz5 | | #2

      Hi Jon,

      I am glad to know I won't have to worry too much about noise! Since I already have leftover line guard, my thought was to place the line set into the rounded part of the line guard within 3″ plastic J hook pipe hangers attached along the floor joists - every 3-4 feet, as you recommend. The 2-hole pipe straps are a great idea and may eliminate a bit of work. Thank you.

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