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RV floor electric heat

Popkornkid | Posted in Mechanicals on

Greetings ; we bought a 10 year old RV last Fall and anticipate needing additional floor heat for our Canadian climate even in summer . So after a little research found STEP heating .
So far have received a estimate of about $2500 just for the electrics plus we need floor insulation and new flooring. This puts us at about $25/sqFt minimum just for a start.
This might be justified if we use the RV a lot longer and for a longer season then normal .
Propane which is our alternative is much more expensive as has been mentioned about $1per pound here. ($4.50/gallon ? )

What is your opinion ?


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  1. dinnerbellmel | | #1

    It's a really funny that you posted this because I have own an RV and was thinking about how nice radiant heat would be just this morning...haha. It has a lot of practical uses as long as you have the electric hook-ups. My concern is the cost. That's pretty expensive for an RV where many people buy and sell RV's as their needs/wants change so quickly. I'm on my 3rd RV now where the previous purchases were the "final" last one I would ever get.

  2. Popkornkid | | #2

    Yes we have observed that same thing with a few of our aquatenceses as well , having said that we do own 2 , a trailer and motorhome, each used for specific reasons at the time. Rather then go thru the sell-buy-sell cycle we determined to buy as good a quality as possible then upgrade / renovate putting in the stuff we want and not lose money every time we buy & sell.
    So we arrive at the present situation , carefully evaluating , researching , finally trying to spend limited resources on the best solution.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    Propane may be an expensive fuel -- but so is electricity, especially if you are considering the use of electric-resistance heating rather than a heat pump. I doubt whether electricity will be any cheaper than propane.

    If you don't install the electric resistance heating system, and if your RV measures 200 square feet (just guessing), you'll save $5,000. With the $5,000 savings, you can buy over 1,000 gallons of propane.

  4. Popkornkid | | #4

    Yes that is why we are doubtful about the result , if insulating was straight forward it would be easy to decide , even using spray foam will be tricky , and possibly not a good long term solution .

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