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Safely dealing with paint remover waste (Peel Away1)

Mike_McL_cz_4a | Posted in General Questions on

A summary of my question for a specific situation: How do I handle and dispose of the water residue after using Dumond “Peel Away1”?

My situation: I have wooden carriage doors on an old garage that is showing signs of failure. I’d like to attempt to repair it as it seems original to the house (1920’s). It has layers of failing paint, including lead paint, so I removed the layers with Dumond’s “Peel Away1” to get at the good and bad wood. Using a good containment, I’ve bagged the sloppy waste that comes off after the peeling process and set that aside. The last step is to water wash down the work site to remove any remaining residue. I’ve done that, and again contained the water in heavy plastic sheeting, and then vacuumed it up into 5 gallon buckets.

Essentially, now what do I do with the buckets of collected liquid waste?

I don’t think it can go down the drain (lead paint residue and the sludge is likely to clog the plumbing).

I tried a home made filter out of gravel, pool filter sand, and activated charcoal in a five gallon bucket, to no avail (still murky, nasty).

I’ll try the household hazardous waste in my town, but wondering if there is something else others have done. Without a reasonable solution I don’t know why anyone would use this product if there isn’t an end to end process to deal with the waste. Should have thought of this before I started!

Thanks so much in advance. 


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