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Samsung DVM S Water / Multisplit Modulation

relevante | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m working on getting a new-to-us house in NY converted from oil to geothermal. There is some ductwork, but the main portion is currently heated with hydronic baseboard, so it’s not ideally sized/situated for heating.

I’m looking at a number of options with a couple installers. I was initially very focused on the Waterfurnace 7 series and some ductwork mods, but the other day, one of the installers, whom I’ve worked with before and really trust, mentioned the Samsung DVM S Water system. I see lots of advantages, and the specs generally look pretty amazing, but I can’t find much/any first hand experiences with it. Anyone here have any?

Also, a big thing I’m looking for here in addition to efficiency is fully variable operation for even temperatures and low noise. The compressor is spec’ed to modulate down to an impressive number, less than 15% of the rated capacity. But the various head units seem to have a very narrow range of rated output based on varying fan speeds and the specs don’t mention any further modulation capacity. Are they going to effectively just be bang-bang control and the compressor modulates based on what units are calling for heat, or will there be an ability for each unit to modulate independently? Or even if not independently, can they modulate as a whole?

In other words, for the sake of simplicity, let’s say I had a system rated at 54k (that can modulate down to 7.5k) with 3x 18k heads. If it’s not very cold out and the whole house needs 18k evenly distributed, is the system going to be able to smoothly match that load by making each unit put out 6k continuously, or is it going to just bang each 18k on and off with the compressor effectively hitting 33%, 66%, and 100% depending on whether 1, 2, or 3 units are on at a given time?

I’m coming from a house with a 3 zone 30k Mitsubishi hyper-heat system with 18k-9k-9k wall mounts and loved it. It seems to modulate in the way I want, at least after I added remote thermostats/room sensors, so any comparisons to that would be valuable too.

Thanks a lot.

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