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Working on Underside of House on Piers

mgensler | Posted in General Questions on

Planning how to work on the underside of my house on piers. Looking for advice on how best to attach a walk board to the piers/ ibeams under my house. My thought is to attach scaffolding pipe perpendicular to the vertical ibeams. Not sure how to securely clamp the pipe to the beams.

On the opposite side, plan to sister 2x lumber on edge set it on top of the concrete columns then frame down to create a cradle for the scaffolding.

Span is about 17′. See images below.

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  1. walta100 | | #1

    I say rent the scaffolding it will be much safer than thing you are likely to cobble together and will likely cost less you pick up and assemble yourself but a pro crew is likely to have it set up in place faster than you could get it off the truck.


  2. mgensler | | #2

    Thanks, Walta. Renting the scaffolding sounds like the way to go.

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