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Screen porch conversion

| Posted in General Questions on

Hello there.

Over the years I have been asked to convert screen porches to a conditioned living space. Typically, I have avoided these projects but, this one I am interested in pursuing.

What should I be considering?

The high level scope includes the following:

Remove the existing screen framing and reframe for windows.

However, one of the first things I consider if framing the walls on top of the brick work what is done with not being able to insulate the brick portion of the short walls. It is the clients desire to keep the brick exposed on the exterior and interior and frame on top of the existing brick. Maybe it is a non-issue?

Flooring we plan to use to existing T&G porch floor which is 3/4″ thick as our subfloor and install oak flooring. Insulation under the floor.

Use a mini-split head unit for conditioning of the space.

What are your experiences? What other things should I be considering?

Looking match the existing windows.

Thank you.

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