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Screws for wood to metal, metal to wood

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

What kind of screws would you use that can easily get from big box store like HD to screw a wood stud into a metal stud if you start with the wood and vice versa if you start with the metal and screw the metal into the wood. 

It is a typical 2.5 inch metal stud and a wood stud I would put into it. 

I was informed by the reputable Bill and Akos to use a #10 screw but there so many at HD.

THanks in advance.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Metal to wood you can use standard self tapping screws. If the studs are thicker guage (ie 18 guage or less) the ones with drill point work better. These are stock item at the box store.

    Wood to metal is another story. The proper screws for it you won't find at the box store. What you are looking for is wing tip screws, Teks is a common brand available at commercial fastener shops. If you try to drive in standard self tappers, they will snap when it hits the steel.

    The way you can use standard self tapping screws instead is by first pre drilling the wood to a drill size just a bit above the thread size of the screw. This way the thread won't catch in the wood while the drill point drills through the steel and won't snap. One way you can avoid pre drilling is drive the screw into the wood only, before it hits the steel set the driver in reverse and run it at full speed while pushing hard which will burn the wood away. Once the screw no longer catches on the wood, you can drive it into the steel.

    1. Expert Member
      Akos | | #3

      Yup those are it. If your metal studs are very light gauge, the wings might not snap off when you drive them in, I would test first.

  2. DC_Contrarian_ | | #4

    Fine thread drywall screws are what is used to attach drywall to metal studs. I would use them to attach wood to metal studs. I'd use them spaced closely. I know people will say "drywall screws have no shear strength" and they're not for anything but drywall, but I know from demoing walls that if you get more than a few of them they're stronger than the underlying stud.

    For metal to wood I'd like a lath screw, you want a big head that won't pull out.

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