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Sealing new windows and doors

JIMSSOLIDWOODPROD | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

My name is James Reeves. l live in Ontario, Canada l have below concerns.

I don’t think the window and door installer presently installing 22 windows and 2 patio doors and 4 entrance doors is sealing properly. We hired a window and door installer to install 3 entrance doors and 16 windows at the home my father-in-law gave us, and then at the home we live in to install 1 entrance rear door and 2 patio doors and 2 basement windows and 5 main floor windows, at a cost of $ 18,000.00 roughly.

On the windows, only 4 deck screws holding windows in — a few have a couple of shims but as he says the $ 8.00 canned foam spray he uses holds in and insulates windows and doors.

The 2 patio doors and the 4 entrance doors (on the paper stuck on the glass from the manufacturer) even says to use a good layer of silicone caulking on the bottom of each door where it meets the floor — must have a S form of silicone. Even when l offered to buy silicone, he refuses to put it on the bottoms of all doors.

I called the manufacturer, and they said it seals out water moisture. Will this cheap foam spray hold and seal doors and windows — without silicone? Or will l maybe have problems down the road with mold and wood rot?

Please reply soon as possible contractor will be done here in 2-3 days.

My email address is [email protected]

James Reeves

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Whether or not you end up with rot or mold problems depends on whether the windows and doors are protected by a wide roof overhang or porch, as well as the amount of rainfall in your climate.

    There is no reason why a door installer should refuse to follow the manufacturer's instructions concerning silicone caulk. You should insist that the caulk be used. But frankly, if the situation occurred the way you described it, I wouldn't trust this installer to complete the job.


    Yes am worried both patio doors and entrance door at home we live in are installed no silicone where bottom meets floor plywood he claims spray home is al l need even though l argued with him he went ahead ninstalled them and at inlaws house garae entrajnce door sit6s on cement and he would only spay foam under it no building paper nothing on cement between door but spray foam shoulpd l stop job and go to court and not pay remaining $ 6,000 or call a lawyer still 5 windows to install main floor and 2 basement smaller windows not in nyet don't know what to do abou8t this and doors windows installed need help
    thanks jim

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    James, nobody here can tell you what you should do. Contractors and homeowners routinely ignore manufacturers' advice at their own peril. Doors were installed without silicone for a few hundred years, but that doesn't mean it's ok to skip that step now. You have to decide whether or not to have your installer finish the job and whether or not you will pay him. You might want to consult with an attorney to review your options.


    Yes thanks your right, because today called him didn't come for 2 days he said l want $ 4,000 of the $ 5,900 owing and says wants it before he finishes job still 7 windows to go.
    My reply was deal was get paid when done l already paid him $ 8,000.00 for our rental property when he finished it well caping not done after being riopped off by septic contractor last year who billed our lawyuer behind our back for $ 2,800.00 more than agreed price l am leary now.
    Thanks for post and advice will see lawyer tomorrow to loose more money.


    Thanks everyone for your help l guess now have to find a good lawyer or paralegal in Trenton, Ontario area as the 4 entrance doors 2 patio doors, and the 13 windows installer put in are warping already and beginning of August said wanted $ 4,000 before he will install remaining 7 windows but got quote of $ 2,550.00 for rental property and $ 800.00 for house l live in to remove all installer put in and install properly l think l may go bankrupt sadly before this is over .
    Installer likely has a lein on my 2 houses by now wish l had not paid him the $ 8,000.00 l paid him as in the end will likely have to pay bad installer cost plus the $ 3,350 to have it done right need mike Holmes oh l wish anyone have advice for me please email me.
    I have been a drywall taper for 33 years never treated any customers bad so l feel so ripped off.
    Thanks Jim

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