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Sealing Penetrations through Roof

mrigney | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I’ll spare the long backstory. Nearing completion of my build. Ventilating dehumidifier went in way later than it should’ve. Involved the first HVAC contractor quitting the job (really happy w/new company who put in the system). Roofers came back out to cut the hole in the roof for the ventilation pipe. I had asked the builder to seal the penetration with some Zip tape when they did this (despite the builder saying all the right things during the interview process, getting high performance details done has been a challenge). He said no problem, though I had to provide the tape.

Turns out they didn’t tape the penetration. Is it worth bringing up with the builder? At this point in the build, I have problems differentiating whether something should actually be brought up or if I’m just nitpicking because of issues throughout the build. They had to cut through my spray foam to get the pipe through; builder says they’ll take some canned foam from the inside to seal it back up from that side. Thoughts? Comments?

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