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Seeking a landscape architect, designer or grade and drainage expert in Massachusetts

Justin_DeSilva | Posted in General Questions on

Hey GBA,
Our property is sloped downhill from the neighboring lot and the grade looks to have a zero or negative slope towards the foundation. The foundation wall looks to already have a crack and though it’s not leaking through the crack we’d like to avoid any future damage to the foundation.

We’re not certain who to reach out to but we’d like to hire someone to make a design plan for the property and I would perform the digging, shoveling, drainage, planting, etc.. Could anyone recommend a landscape architect, designer or site grade expert to create a detailed plan?

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  1. tommay | | #1

    Have you done a percolation test yet or taken a core sample or dug a hole to see what the substrate is composed of, sand, gravel, clay? Is there any ledge? Doubtfully but who knows. The yard looks pretty level so if water can't run off it must be standing.

  2. gstan | | #2

    The group that universally has the education , skills and experience
    to provide what you are looking for is a surveying/engineering firm.
    The others you mention may or may not but surveyors and engineers
    will !

    1. Justin_DeSilva | | #3

      Hey Forrest,
      I haven't followed up in a while because I'm still waiting for replies from several civil engineering companies. Is FGS a civil engineering group located in New England?

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