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Seeking advice on renovation in Rockland County, NY

Zins | Posted in General Questions on

My wife and I recently bought a mid-century home that needs a near gut-level renovation, it’s going to be lots of DIY work done over the next couple years.

As much as is practical, I’d like to move the home towards net-zero/passive during this major rennovation. I have a general plan of how to do this, but would like to hire someone with experience doing this sort of work to help me create a big picture plan for the renovation, fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and to answer the inevitable questions that will arise.

The few local companies I’ve spoken with have given me the brush off. They don’t do this sort of advisory work, which is fair enough. Nevertheless, I assume there have to people out there with this knowledge who would like to make some extra cash on a side job.

Could anyone here recommend someone in the Rockland County, NY area that might be interested in something like this? Local would be my first choice, but I’m not totally opposed to working with someone remotely.

Holler with any questions and thanks a lot!


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  1. Expert Member
    KOHTA UENO | | #1

    No idea if these guys are a good fit or not, but Pasquale Strocchia with Integral Building and Design is a friend and colleague; they operate out of New Paltz. He has done some great retrofit work, including on his own home.

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