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Seeking Opinions on Epever MPPT DuoRacer Dual Battery Controller

ArimaKisho | Posted in General Questions on

Trying to always keep it simple…

The plan is to use this unit in a toy trailer. Two (2) NewPowa 200w mono solar panels in series (, and a 12v house battery stack. The primary (BATT1) will charge the house batteries, while the secondary (BATT2) will charge/maintain the 12v battery on the ‘toy’ (UTV).

The specs all seem to be fine for my purposes, but I’m no expert in brands of controllers. Right now, I’m seriously considering the (apparently new) Epever 30A DuoRacer MPPT Dual Battery controller DR3210N-DDS (

My main question is, are the Epever controllers any good (loaded question, I know), and if anyone knows or has encountered them, are the DuoRacer ones any good? I’m open to all opinions.


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  1. exeric | | #1

    Here's a good primer that I used to select a small solar charge controller for my small system. It's a little out of date so you may be able to get an even better one than I did. I chose the Epever gray one with the large fins and have been running it for about two years with no problems. At least the comparison will get you up to speed on how to chose. Epever seems to be a good brand from my own experience. Here's the video comparison:

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