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Seeking Zip R9 sheathing sealing ideals – Climate zone 5

mclola | Posted in General Questions on


The contractor started putting up Zip R9 sheathing this past week.    

I would appreciate any/all ideas regarding how and where to seal the top/bottom of the walls using this.

-The Zip R9 protrudes 2 inches from the concrete foundation. 
Can the entire thickness of the zip sheathing/insulation be sealed to the concrete foundation (going up onto the green portion of the zip sheathing about 2 inches and onto the concrete foundation ~ 2 inches) using Zip Liquid Flash, zip tape, or other products?

Should something else be added underneath the 2 inch protrusion of Zip OSB/insulation such as flashing?

– The top of the Zip R9 panels do not go to the roof line.- nor are they sealed.   What do we do here (see the photos)? 
We have an unconditioned attic which will have a vented roof with soffit vents.   It seems to me the zip R9 should be brought up as high as it will go to maintain the best water/air/insulation barrier.     Please help me so I can communicate to my contractor the best practice for sealing the Zip R9.


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