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Self-adhered membrane and EPS foam

BerDean | Posted in General Questions on

Can a self adhered membrane be applied to EPS foam?


  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Check with the manufacturer of the self-adhered membrane to be sure, but the answer is probably yes. For example, Grace Ice & Water Shield can definitely be applied to EPS. Here is a link to the relevant statement from Grace:

    "GCP’s self-adhered underlayments (Grace Ice & Water Shield® , Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT, Grace Ultra™, Grace Select™, GCP granular underlayments and Roof Detail Membrane™) are chemically compatible with most materials that are normally present in roof-top environments.... Some suitable deck materials include plywood (including fire treated plywood), oriented strand board (OSB), wood plank, metal, concrete, exterior gypsum board, glass mat surfaced gypsum board, and rigid roof insulation board."

    1. BerDean | | #2

      Very helpful. Thank you Martin.

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