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Decoupling Membrane for Heated Tile Floor

pnwbuilder | Posted in General Questions on

I am having hard time deciding on what type (if any) membrane to install under porcelain tile. I have hydronic slab heating and would prefer to minimize R value of the floor covering. The house has several floating slabs with the largest one being 23′ long. My understanding is that decoupling membrane or at least crack isolation membrane would be worth the effort and money to eliminate potential for cracked tiles in the future. The question that I can’t find a good answer to is whether using liquid applied would be a better option in this case than a sheet product like Schluter Ditra. What’d you guys think?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    I think this article will be helpful: (Note the difference between crack isolation and uncoupling. I think you want a project for uncoupling.)

    FWIW. I've used a Ditra uncoupling before on a DIY project, and it was very easy to work with. But I would be open to using a liquid product if the space was awkward or the membrane material was not available.

  2. pnwbuilder | | #2

    Thanks Steve, that's a good article.

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