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SHGC high-solar-gain windows current list

wjrobinson | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Could we list a few US window companies where SHGC windows are available?

Also 2115, what window company are all of you using, in my area, (northern US)

My climate 6A

My area Andersen, Pella are the higher end choice, mainly because that’s what’s our lumber yard promotes. Some Marvin… The tract builders have lesser known names, all vinyl. I will list them after I get some names.

I only know of one other builder that cares about windows with high solar gain.

My main go to guy at my lumber yard has no one ask for such. Maybe someday. We asked for Zip sheathing for years, we now have many using it and the lumber yard does now push Zip. We can keep pushing for better glass and maybe the same will happen.

I have not bought glass looking for high solar gain of late. Will have to make some calls, visits.

Any Andersen reps lurking? Pella, Marvin?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If you want high-solar-gain glazing, the first question to ask your window distributor should be, "Can I specify the glazing I want?" Some window manufacturers let you order any type of glazing available, as long as you give them enough lead time.

    Ordinarly clear double glazing (IGUs without any low-e coating or argon) have a high solar heat gain coefficient, but of course this type of glazing doesn't have as low a low U-factor as IGUs with low-e and argon.

    Pella has done a good job in this department (although their promotional materials are not clearly written). Pella offers NaturalSun glazing -- their brand name for high-solar-gain glazing. Pella offers the NaturalSun glazing option in double or triple glazing.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Below is a screen shot from this Pella web page on glazing options. Why is this so poorly written? The main desirable feature of the NaturalSun glazing option is that this type of glazing has a high solar heat gain coefficient -- so why does Pella's promotional material fail to mention SHGC? What a mess this page is.

    How about it, Pella? Why can't you come right out and say that "this glazing has a high SHGC"? Instead, this page confuses the reader by explaining that NaturalSun glazing "blocks 69% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays."


  3. kevin_in_denver | | #3

    If you can choose the glass you want, then here's a high SHGC glass for you, with well-written information:

  4. Ericwest1 | | #4


    Loewen offers any glass that Cardinal makes including the LoE-180. They're a Canadian company which may explain why they offer high SHGC glazing. The downside is Loewen windows are expensive and have a fairly long lead time.

    Loewen NFRC Ratings

    Milgard lists LoE-180 glass in the ratings, but you can't actually order it.

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