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Shims for Windows / Doors Install

sunrisehomestead | Posted in General Questions on

Hey ya’ll

Anyone have shims they really like for door and window installs? Plastic preferred. These are alum clad with nail fin so flat shims would be best.

I am tired of using the flimsy “broadfix” shims at the local lumber yard and looking for something better quality.

Anyone have a particular flat shim they like that comes in a variety of thicknesses?


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  1. dan_saa | | #1

    Never used but here is a source:

    1. sunrisehomestead | | #2

      anything particularly special about these ones?

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    I got spoiled working along the New England coast and now can't use anything other than clear white cedar shingles. I rip them to 1 1/2" wide on a tablesaw and keep a full bucket around. They are easy to use, easy to trim, renewable and they smell great.

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