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Painting House Not Air-Sealed

derekr | Posted in General Questions on

Short term heating of a house that’s not air sealed

First of all I’m in the southeast zone 3
Winter here is mild but we can still have a few 28-30 degree days

my electrical is going to be connected in January, I want to paint the house but understand the inside of the house has to be warm for the paint to stick and dry properly

i would like to paint before I put the lights in though so the painting is easier

but this means I’m going to have 14 large holes in my ceiling and I’ll be running heat from my hvac

im wondering if this could cause moisture problems in a short time frame since it will be like this for 3 months while I paint

or should I just wait until March/April to start painting?

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  1. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #1

    People paint under those conditions all the time. In the winter you're not going to have moisture problems.

    You could always tape over the holes with painter's tape. That's what it's for!

    1. derekr | | #2

      They paint in the cold without heat?

      I could put tape around the hole but the paint wouldnt reach the very edge of the hole, guess that won’t matter

      1. Expert Member
        DCcontrarian | | #8

        You said you'd be running HVAC.

        Read the paint can, usually they say 50F or 55F. Set the thermostat for that. It only has to be that warm when the paint is actually drying. You don't want the unapplied paint to freeze, but I'd assume at this point you have the plumbing turned on so you don't want the house freezing anyway.

        1. derekr | | #12

          Nah, plumbing isn’t going to be turned on until faucets and all that are in, drywall was just finished 4 days ago

      2. Expert Member
        DCcontrarian | | #9

        >I could put tape around the hole but the paint wouldnt reach the very edge of the hole, guess that won’t matter

        You're going to be touching the paint up anyway once construction is finished.

  2. Expert Member


    A house takes a week tops to paint. If it is going to take you three months, I assume you are doing it intermittently. It only needs to be hot while the paint is drying, not when nothing is happening.

    1. derekr | | #4

      Yea I’m painting the the house myself and I can only do it on weekends so I’m guessing 3 to 4 months minimum

      1. Expert Member
        MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #5


        Next time round you may want to wait to cut the holes for your lights until after you painted using a hole saw and dust cowl.

        1. derekr | | #6

          Drywallers cut the holes as they put up the drywall, had metal plates installed for the lights, would have been hard to remember where all the lights were if they were all covered

          1. Expert Member
            MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #10


            The electrician I work with marks all the lighting layouts on the floor, so you can precisely measure the spacing and location, then projects it up with a laser.

          2. Expert Member
            DCcontrarian | | #11

            Malcolm, that's pretty slick.

        2. Ryan_SLC | | #16

          That is very cool, I had no idea that existed.

          When cutting my prior light holes, I taped up a grocery bag. Worked 50% of the time. This thing? I'm going to go buy one now. Thanks!

  3. walta100 | | #7

    Last time I read the paint can I think it had a min temp for application of 55° and drying time of 48 hours.

    The extra ventilation will remove moisture in the heating season as warm moist air escapes and cold dry air replaces it.

    I know it is painful to pay the painters bill but your time must have some value and occupying the new home 3 months sooner must also have a value. My guess is if you added up 3 months of rent/ mortgage payments + 240 man hours at whatever rate you get paid at work the painters bill is chump change.


  4. AD_in_AK | | #13

    Is it possible to put a foam plug or something of the like in each hole. Then poly off the room you are working in and run temp heat to just that room?

    1. derekr | | #14

      House is pretty open, if one places is heated it all will be

  5. Deleted | | #15


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