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Should I dense pack my attic ceiling? Pros adn Cons?

kaczmap | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on


I need to re-roof my entire house including removing all of the sheathing.

I see this as an opportunity to re-insulate an attic bedroom.

One contractor recommends (he has great references) to re-roof and then use dense-pack cellulose to fill the void between the sheathing and attic ceiling with cellulose. I like the idea – it seems to maximize the r-value.

Should I be concerned about moisture?

I am wondering about doing this without an ariway to vent the space between the sheathing and the attic ceiling.

I’d apreciate any thoughts or other cost-effective options I should consider.


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  1. AdrienneBurt | | #1

    Check out this paper on unvented roof assemblies. There are scenarios for all types of climates.

    Others may be able to answer your question, but would need to know where your house is.

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