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Should we always ask what’s for Hot Water with Htg and Cooling?

user-1127834 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

When is it appropriate to ask for Hot Water Heating , or HW as in getting quotes on HVAC altogether?
I believe whenever a GeoThermal is being compared to any heat pump, GT, Air, Air-Mini…

How could we be explaining bundled HW+ HVAC as A SINGLE SYSTEM?
and how without having more than 1 unit for all, without extra heat exchangers, etc.?

Sometimes an additional water:water can fit best in a 25-30 year application. True.

2) Have you heard of-
GT systems of one unit that also has a shared DX-Coil , after the internal fan-coil, for HOT and CHILLED fluids?

This coil-sharing is for the energy exchanges with a variable blower, allowing such a zone to operate on insulated PEX to a fancoil where a Mini may have been considered or another unit, etc.

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