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Shower door: Silicone the inside edge of the base track or not?

Jamie_K | Posted in General Questions on

I don’t know manufacture of our shower door so I don’t know exactly how it was installed.  It is a shower base with 3 tiled walls and 4th opening wall to wall glass shower door framed with metal (right side stationary framed glass & left side framed glass door).  [Sorry my pictures never want to upload on this site.]

I saw some weep holes (or maybe drain or for water to get in for some reason) or something like that evenly dispersed and spaced, along the inside edge of the base track, about 1/8″ up.  I was wondering how these are generally installed for the purpose of knowing if silicone should be applied along crack under those holes (not covering up the holes) along that inside edge of base track (where crack is where shower base and base track meet)…or not?  I didn’t know if water gets in there and needs to drain to inside, or if they serve a different purpose where that bottom edge should be sealed with silicone..  When I was applying silicone along the inside edges of both the right and left edges, I also put it down there for now (a week or so ago) but wondering if I should remove it at the inside edge base track..

Also, I don’t think I’m a good siliconer…I think I waited to long to smooth it out and it got chunky/bumpyish.  Is that just an appearance thing but does not affect function?  I can leave it and it will serve it’s purpose and just pull it out and redo only if I don’t like the looks?

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  1. Jamie_K | | #1

    Got pictures to attached below...

    1. Jamie_K | | #2

      trying again

  2. Jamie_K | | #3

    Finally :)

    1. Jamie_K | | #4

      Ok, if anyone else has had issues posting pictures, I continually am unable to post pictures from Safari or Chrome and from multiple devices. Please let me know if you have any tips. Hopefully my description ^^^ in post makes sense :)

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