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Siding and insulating a log cabin

phoenicia_ro | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hi there.  I have a log home built in 1985.  the logs are milled to be uniform in size.  As far as I can tell the inside of the house has studs filled with fiberglass insulation and drywall on top of that. 

The logs are in good condition but they’ve taken a beating from the sun and lack of log home care.  I would like to cover the logs up and boost the r value.  I am planning on putting Rockwool Comfortboard 80 on the exterior of the logs,  furring strips on top of that and then attaching siding to the strips.  Essentially creating a rainscreen and air gap between the siding and the mineral wool. 

I’ve consulted Rockwool and several building experts but my situation is somewhat unique so I’m asking the GBA community for help. 

Thank you!

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